Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tri-Fold Card

Tonight I was going through my older scrap paper, and after being inspired by posting the album a few days ago I decided to use up the last of the pieces by making my very first tri-fold card. I think it turned out really well!
Here is a close up. The words "family," "strength," and "forever" came from the kit, along with the blue background pieces. The rest came from my cricut and imagination!
I told my husband that I fell a little more in love with my gypsy/cricut tonight... the words "these are the moments" was cut using gypsy font welded together. I had to shrink the letters to less than an inch. Look how good they turned out, especially considering how tiny they actually are (and the fact they're welded... it's not even a standard image!!) The word peace in the bottom corner came from Joys of the Season.

Here's another dimensional view. I also really liked the framed tree. The chipboard tree was from the kit, I trimmed it to fit in the frame from Heritage. You can't really tell that it's thick. The bow is also on a chipboard circle. The other two plain circles actually have glitter paint (like stickles) on them; they're from the kit as well.
I love the detail! I am going to miss having this kit- I had never made anything from a kit before the album, and I'm definitely going to miss having the scrap pieces laying around to use for another project. This is definitely one of my favorite things!

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