Thursday, June 17, 2010

In Progress Album

Shhh... this is my secret project that I worked on yesterday, today, and will continue into the near future! It's completely UNFINISHED so no judging! I just want to share what I've created thus far. Last night I used chipboard cut into 6x6 squares and leftover K&Co paper (and my trusty bind-it-all) to make an album. I cut out some designs with my Cricut on gold paper. Then I inked the edges for character. By that time my hands were sticky and filthy, so I quit. Today, though, I worked on it. I was having a lot of trouble being inspired, though, so I thought, "Hmm... what do I have pictures of that would look good in here?" My answer... absolutely nothing. So I went and checked my Facebook! While I was there, I realized my (gorgeous) older sister has a ton of pictures of herself on facebook, and she's quite lovely in them. Soooo I printed off 18-20 photos (of her 5,000) using the "false color" button on my Word for Mac program in various sizes. I matted them onto the same gold paper I had cut some designs out of, and from there I began my adventure of making her a book. Depending on when I get it finished, it might be a birthday present. Or I might just give it to her when she's having a bad day (after all, who doesn't enjoy looking at pictures of themselves!?!)
You can clearly tell I'm no where near being done- even the pictures that have photographs aren't done.... neither is the cover. I just needed a break and wanted to post something, since I didn't yesterday. At all. So anyway, lovely pictures!

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