Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fox in Socks & Lily's Purple Plastic Purse

I'm not sure why I just thought about posting this (maybe because I feel bad for not posting- or even crafting- like I should be doing) but here it is... my costume from Dr. Seuss' Birthday Celebration, along with my classroom door. Each student decorated a sock to hang on the line, and the text says "Can you kick? Can you knock? Can you knock just like a fox? Lots of socks, Just one fox, Class of Fox and Socks that rock!" (Assuming you've read the book, you'll agree that it's pretty clever and awesome! And we won, btw...) :-) I wore a brown shirt under a one-piece orange jumpsuit I sewed, and attached an orange tail on the back. I created the fox ears using the same tail fur spiraled around wire that was glued to a headband. I dolled up my face with whiskers and wore blue socks, of course!

Also, I realized I never posted my Halloween costume. We have Book Character Dress Up Day at school every year on the 31st, so I chose to be Lily, a cute little mouse from Lily's Purple Plastic Purse, by Kevin Henkes, one of my favorite children's authors.

I used cardboard and a headband to make the ears (with white fur glued around the edges) and yellow construction paper for the crown. I sewed a tacky (and ill-fitting) blue polka-dotted dress, along with a cape, and found matching cowboy boots. I wore white leggings, and made a huge purple purse from old Cricut mats and purple scrapbook paper. I adorned the edges with glitter and found a big tacky flower to dress up the front. I painted my face with whiskers and grabbed my book... and I was ready to go!