Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cards and CREATE

I found this adorable decal at Joanns with 3-D shapes in each letter to fill in a little space beside my stamping cart. I bought it right after Christmas but it took me awhile to decide on where to put it.
 Here are a few cards I made using a new set of papers from American Crafts. I LOVE the paper! (Although I did add in some extras here and there from another set).

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dr. Seuss Day

Everyone at school knows that my favorite days in class are pajama days and dress-up-as-a-character ones. Dr. Seuss Day (March 2) definitely falls in that category, as my school is lucky enough to have Dr. Seuss Character Day. This year I was a zebra, from On Beyond Zebra (a book which totally blew the minds of my 2nd graders, btw). Here is a look back on my previous years' costumes. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Home Decor

I made some new curtains and such for our dining room... I also found this cute little plaque that says "Let it Snow" to hang during the winter months.
 I got this adorable bench after Christmas at a local antique center. I used my sewing skills (ha!) to make a new seat cushion on it that matched the colors in our entry room. 
 Here are the burlap curtains and valance I made using old curtains and an old Christmas wreath with berries on it. It matches the plaque wonderfully and with a burlap bow it will last until spring! 

My Elsie had puppies at Thanksgiving. Here they are snuggling in their pack-n-play!

 My mom found this awesome old ladder for me to hang some quilts on in the living room. 
 This picture is kind of hard to see, but they are some crates that I stained and used to raise the stereo speaker. My mom's bf got me some adorable boxes that fit perfectly, too!
 My older sister and I went to Hobby Lobby (a crafter's paradise!) and I found this cute wall hanging. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, but for now it's hanging in the living room where a collage once was. 
 I also have been meaning to re-do a lamp we've had since our very first apartment (2006!) and finally got that done over Christmas break. I took off the top and rubbed this gold additive around the plastic in no particular pattern.

Here is another look at it.

I used some rustic broke spray paint to cover the ugly black base/stand, and now it's totally wonderful! (And really hard to tell that I did anything at all, looking at this picture. Ha!)