Saturday, January 29, 2011

Not crafty but I'm posting it anyway!

My dog, Sophie, had puppies on Christmas Eve and they're 5 weeks old now. Since we'll only have them for a couple more weeks, I went ahead and took their pictures today to post in for-sale ads. We (me and the pups) had a blast! It was hard to narrow down just a few favorites.


Here is a picture of my craftroom after completing several projects without considering cleaning between the two. Oh well... I have no shame! (And it's clean now!)

Minnie Birthday Invites

A dear friend of mine asked me to make invitations to her daughter's first birthday party. (Coincidentally, this is the sister of the friend whose daughter's invites I made in September for her first birthday!) Miss Caroline loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Playhouse Disney and requested Minnie on the front. I had to do a little investigating to figure out what color dress she wears now (not the typical red with white polka-dots I was expecting) and it took FOREVER to design, but I think they turned out cute. I included little mickey mouse ears vinyl stickers on the envelopes and the inside of the cards. Love them! Sorry the pictures aren't great.

Flip Album Books

Someone on the Cricut messageboard had a wonderful tutorial on making these flipbook things using 3 sheets of 12x12 cardstock. Once the book is assembled you just decorate it, add ribbon, and you're done! I made a couple as Christmas presents for the other 2nd grade teachers at work, then my mom actually paid me to make a couple for her (Why do I feel like a decent crafter all of a sudden?!? :-D) Anyway, they were for the mom of two boys who are into competitive 4-wheeling... an activity I know absolutely nothing about.  Here are a ton of pictures from both books.


We have this special thing at school where kids earn "caught being good" tickets and they're all put in a box and every Friday a name is drawn to be "Bulldog of the Week." Well, the box in the office was kind of out-dated lame so I created a new one over Christmas break. (Yes, it has been a MONTH since I posted last). I started out with a photograph box, then made walls and the roof using thick chipboard. I cut strips of red cardstock and inked them to make the siding, and used sandpaper for the roof. My wonderful cricut cut out the "BULLDOGS" label. I love the font on Car Decals! The project is something like 7x13, x12 inches tall. LOVE IT! I ended up adding some scrollwork around the top to hide the hot-glue gun marks (from attaching the roof) but forgot to take a picture afterward.