Thursday, June 17, 2010

Random Joys

I didn't post any yesterday (I worked on something though!) So I'll post twice today. One thing I did today was make some chocolate-covered strawberries. Yummy! They don't look elegant, but they are definitely tasty!Ahhh finally! I love my UPS man, even though he doesn't usually swing by my house until around 7pm. Anyway, I had ordered the new Cricut Cake apron and oven mitts with my Cricut Rewards points (And I'm glad I had bookmarked the page; the aprons sold out quickly!) They FINALLY came in the mail today (7-10 working days is FOREVER in the summer!)
Aren't the absolutely adorable? I know I use those two words way too much, but it seems to be the only way I can express how much I love love love this. The apron of course is pure decoration, but the oven mitts are surprisingly well-made. Tomorrow I might bake something and play with my Cricut Cake just so I can wear them!

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