Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cricut Tortillas

I bought some Great Value brand tortilla and fajita shells at the Walmart a few days ago to play with something other than icing using my Cricut Cake (Her name is Betty, btw)...

Anyway, I used Cake Basics blackout/shadow whatever-it-is feature. They cut.... well, useable, I guess (using pressure:3, speed:2) but they would rip anywhere close to an air bubble. Yes, the dinosaur looks extremely awkward.
So then I used a rolling pin to squish the tortilla to the mat a little, and this is what happened:
Quite lovely, indeed. The air bubbles are a bit of a problem, and the fact that it's a tortilla so detailed shapes are impossible. Anyway, I read somewhere on the Cricut MB that they were going to try using butter instead of vegetable oil to hold down the shell. Big mistake. Not only did the pieces not want to cut, it also left a mess when I was trying to pull the images off the mat. Note to self: Do NOT use butter.
The Husband and I then decided (yes, he had gotten interested and was watching and cooking hamburger meat at this point) to see what would happen if we cooked the tortilla shell before cutting. This is the result.
As you can see it looks messy... but...
once I pulled the edges away, they actually looked pretty good. The dino even has arms this time! I tried a few more with various degrees of cooking, and figured out that the tortilla cuts best if it's uncooked and squished firmly onto the mat, or lightly cooked (so that gigantic air bubbles haven't formed and it's not as stiff as toast). Those both worked well. The heart shapes cut out the best, by far. I also was able to cut out a perfect triangle. The fish was really cute. The dinosaur and flower (Sorry, we ate lunch before I took the picture, I ate the flower!) were almost too detailed to cut well, but I think a higher quality of shell might help that issue.
And last
Here is my fajita-heart filled with meat and cheese. I couldn't figure out how to make the shells stick together to form a pocket, so I spread the edges with cheese and melted them in the microwave for a half minute. Super delicious and fun!

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