Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another Flower Card/ Pop Ups

Here is another card I made last night, after going all over Roanoke to find the new Everyday Pop-Up cartridge. I played around with several of the popups, then decided to make a cute vase with flowers with some scraps of paper I had laying around. It seems like a common theme that my best projects come from scraps! I used Pajama stripe? (or something like that) embossing plate on the blue background, though you can't see it well in the picture. I think it turned out beautiful! 

Here is a pop up chandelier I made just for fun, too. I love the cute cards that go along with the images; the only difficult seems to be figuring out what size the shape inside each card should be to fit properly. For a 5 inch height, around 3.5-3.5 inches seem to fit well, so far. I've only tried a few of the images, though. I also got to practice my glitter techniques :-D. 


Kymberlee said...

I think I shall start sending you my scraps, you do so much better with them than I ever could.

Nadia said...

Pop up chandelier???!!! Ok, now I want that cart!!

L.B. said...

super pretty project.