Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quick and Easy Vinyl Project

Today I was cleaning the kitchen (ha- that doesn't happen often!) and decided I really needed to fix the broken cup holding a plant (broken off from another one... apparently I break things a lot). So this was a random but super-easy project. Here is the broken cup. So sad.

Here is the new cup with vinyl... I used my gypsy to match the scrap of vinyl I had (around 3x5) and searched 'grow' on my G to find the beautiful design from Home Accents. It was a glorious reminder of why I buy so many cartridges... you never know when you'll need a particular image, so it's best to have them all!

And here is a picture of my newly re-potted plant. It was beautiful and healthy but this year the stinkbugs decided to hide under the leaves (It's facing the sun and they like warm, shady areas) and it's practically killed it.

And here is a picture with the vines lifted a little to get a better view.

Yay! Start to finish was less than 10 minutes!

1 comment:

Kymberlee said...

You have inspired me to give the vinyl a try...someday