Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Getting a Head Start on Christmas

I put up my Christmas tree today, yay! The reason I get to post it is because I made the bow for the top in addition putting the whole thing together. Since we moved the dog cages over the summer to the spot by the front door (the place we usually put the tree) it needed a new home, which ended up being in the living room in front of the french doors. The only issue was that the ceiling is a bit lower, so my gorgeous holly-leaf/gold star would not fit on top. 

 And here is a card I made for the girl whose name I got in the stocking stuffer swap over on the Circle MB. It looks cuter in person... and would've looked a lot better had I held off on the stamp at the bottom and made the boy/snowman a little smaller. After an hour of trying, though, I gave up and glued it all together. Merry Christmas!

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