Tuesday, December 3, 2013

HP Wand-Making

*Here's to hoping my little sister doesn't happen upon this post before Christmas!*

My little (college-aged, not really little!) sister finally finished reading Harry Potter this year, so she and I finally have something in common! I ordered her all kinds of HP-themed things for Christmas this year (Griffindor scarf, muggle t-shirt, snitch necklace, etc.) but decided to make the wand myself. I looked up several tutorials on Pinterest (my go-to site for EVERYTHING these days) and figured out how to make one... or a bunch... using materials I had on hand.

I started out with several bamboo skewers and wrapped random items around the bottom few inches of each one. Then I covered the objects with hot glue. For some, I just played around with the glue (slowly watching it run as I twirled it around and added a few drops of gold Tim Holtz Adirondack alcohol ink mixative. 

It was a little messy!

I painted on the mixative after the glue was dry over the entire wand on this one.

Here is a button I wrapped in a bit of fabric and added a rubber band for dimension.

This one- an old clothespin glued to the end of a skewer- was my favorite! 

 You can see how I'm adding more glue and more gold coloring on each one. They all turn out differently.

I swirled glue around the entire skewer of them when the base was warm enough to handle. On some of them I made a spiral pattern, on others I pressed the glue gun tip onto the wood to smear the glue around. Both gave awesome effects.

I colored them with various shades of brown copic markers. I'm pretty sure I ruined a couple nibs, but the result was well worth it!

And here they are! Seven finished wands, each magically perfect in its own way!

I'm not sure what I'll do with the extras just yet... but I couldn't resist making several!

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