Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Charmed Necklaces

Several of you know that I was out of service for a couple months after having surgery on my foot (I've got a slight scar now with cute little stitch-dots around it) and couldn't go upstairs to my craft room. I'm glad to say that I'm off crutches now and working my way to getting back to normal. My dog, Elsie, has puppies back at the beginning of October, and they're finding their forever homes this week! There are four cute white snuggly creatures and one salt-and-pepper (which looks alarmingly a lot like her grandmother, my dear Sophie, that we lost last Christmas!) 

The last couple of posts have mentioned a few things I've been into lately, and this one is special because I'm making these cute little necklaces for my co-workers for Christmas! Other than the fact that my fingertips have been sticky for a couple days now, it's SO much fun! I've been going around the house trying to find things that will fit inside the pendant shapes I bought from Sun and Moon Crafts. They have a few sampler kits I've tried before (my sisters and I have a tradition of making crafty things on Christmas Eve while waiting for the rest of the family to get their act together to open presents) but check out the prices on the individual pieces! There was a girl down on the market in Roanoke selling these for $15-$20! That's CRAZY since each piece is less than 50 cents. I bought some long necklaces (36") and shorter ones (24" and 20") and lots of different size pendants. I bought the glass toppers for some of them, and the glaze to use with some glass tiles. Such fun!

I love this balloon!

This butterfly is glittery!

Three snowmen

My dining room work-table (Why didn't I use my craft room, you ask? Because it's still messy from the Wand Making I did last week.) 

And just for fun, here are a couple pictures of my Christmassy house!

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