Saturday, August 17, 2013

Two more wreaths

Here is a wreath I made by wrapping a styrofoam wreath with zebra print floral ribbon. Then, I glued on several pieces of various blue ribbon, along with a fuzzy bit on the side. I put a bit of black chalkboard paper into a small frame and glued it on front, where I will write the teacher's name it's going to. I added buttons and other sparkly things around it for some extra fun. She's going to love it!

 I made another school supply wreath by taking an old Christmas wreath and tearing the pine, holly, and poinsettias off (and storing them for another project, of course!) It had the brown vines sticking off, and I didn't want that, so I re-wrapped the wreath using floral wire.

I added school supplies and voila! Super cute!

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