Saturday, July 27, 2013

My {New and Improved} Craftroom!

Back in March I moved my craftroom upstairs and bought new furniture to go in the freshly painted space. I started using it right away and finally today I decided that it was probably as clean as it would ever be again, so here are a few pictures of it. The lighting isn't as good as it was downstairs (My husband says he will install a new light fixture as soon as I find one I like!) but everything else is about a million times better.

Here is a piece of artwork I made (!!!) using leftover green spray paint (from my baskets), pink acrylic paint (to match the bows on the curtain valance) and a black copic marker. Love it!

I painted some of my ikea drawers with black chalkboard paint (I had to sand it first) so I could write what I have in each and can switch them around as I please.

I brought this from my room downstairs. It holds all of my ribbon spools, fake flowers, buttons, glitter, and other random crafty things. I used the space on top to hold some of my projects.

Here is my answer to "making curtains that still let plenty of light in." I used a large needle to string a piece of white twine through a bit of tulle, then tied on pink bows.

I love it! I chose the color after purchasing the blue ikea cart that my stamps are in (you can see it in the second picture) and I am thrilled with my color choice. There isn't a single thing I wish I had done differently. The only thing I'd like to add is more stuff on the walls. I'm not sure if it will be art for prettiness or shelving for practicality, but it definitely needs something! 

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