Thursday, July 25, 2013

Back-to-School Wreaths

Today, after many months of thinking about it, I finally made a new Back-to-School wreath for my classroom door. Except I didn't make just one... I made three! I think they all turned out great; I'm going to have a tough time deciding which one to hang up and what to do with the other two. I left them all blank so they could be customized (name/room number) with chalk or a marker. I tried to get a few pictures of each one, but the lighting and shadows are just awful at my house.

Wreath 1: My WM only had 1 grapevine wreath, so I used some of my heavier items to decorate it with. I first wrapped the wreath with a strip of dark red tulle, and used typical school stuff (crayons, markers, pencils, highlighters, glue, paperclips, erasers, ruler, hand sanitizer) as well as a small piece of corkboard and black chalkboard paper. I finished it off with a postcard that says "Welcome to our Class!"

 Wreath 2: I wrapped a styrofoam wreath with wired ribbon decorated with school buses, then used a measuring tape to wrap over half. (I also used the measuring tape as the hanger, if the door needs it.) I found the most adorable ribbon at Michaels on clearance last year, so I made a cute bow to glue on top. I added many of the same items as the first wreath, however this postcard looks a little different. It's also a bit smaller than the grapevine wreath.

Wreath 3: If you've browsed through other pages of my craft blog, you might have noticed a wreath I made last year that looks very similar to this. I used the same concept, buy gluing pencils in pairs, then sets, but this time I glued wooden dowel rods behind the back set to brace them a little better. This wreath is very simple in design. I have several big cut outs of school stuff (WM last year on clearance) and so I glued the ginormous glue bottle onto my pencil frame, then added a few crayons (those weird colors that didn't match wreath 2) that matched the ribbon accents. I added a touch of corkboard with notebook paper (customizable!) and a binder clip for effect. The shadow was super bad on these pics (oops!) but I can promise you it looks AMAZING in person. Thanks for looking!

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