Saturday, June 18, 2011

Transportation Diaper Cake

One of my husband's co-workers is expecting a new bundle of joy in August, and since we've known them for awhile I wanted their gift to be special. After browsing the baby selection at Target (not one of my favorite places!) I found the cutest little transportation-themed items from Gerber.

To make the cake, I rolled up about 90 diapers (I didn't put rubber bands around every single one like youtube videos suggest, however, because I think if I were a new mom who was in need of a fresh diaper, the last thing I would want is to unroll 50 rubberbands to get one) and put them on a cardboard cake plate. The bottom level of the cake was covered with a hooded bath towel, a couple of bibs, a zippered play outfit and a matching hat. 

 The third layer is a hooded towel folded around the side with 3 washcloths on top (as frosting), and then I used party ribbon (I had NO red ribbon on hand, and it was 2 am... ugh!) to tie on some items around the side, including baby shampoo and linky toys. I also used pop-up neighborhood to make a police car that I attached to a mini clothes pin to tack on a pair of baby mittens.

The second level is almost impossible to see from any of these pictures, but I used a couple of washcloths to wrap around the diapers, then added more bibs, hats, a teething ring, and a tow truck clip for more mittens (they were just too cute to not buy!) I also found a school bus toy, which was almost perfect (I wanted a police car since mom is a trooper, but couldn't find one) because dad is a teacher.

The top layer is one washcloth, with more ribbon and a bus clip, and more goodies for mom and baby. I added some red curling ribbon on top.   I still need to make a card for them, but I'm already happy with the way the cake turned out.

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Kymberlee said...

This is adorable.