Saturday, June 18, 2011


It's not very often I make "Congrats" cards, but I've got a few things going on this year. My husband's step-sister graduated college a few weeks ago, so I used my Imagine to make a unique card for her. I think I used the Imagine More Cards for everything, except the "Congratulations" stamp on the front envelope, which I got from... who knows where! 

I also made certificates for each student in my 2nd grade class, along with 2 ribbons for the students with the highest accelerated reader points, and highest percentage. One of my academically-gifted boys earned the percentage ribbon, and one of my star students won the points. She love monkeys, so I used browns and yellows for hers. I cut out the A+ from Pooh Font, I think. The kids really loved them, but I actually had a couple others cry because they didn't win :-(.

I got the inspiration and directions from Circle Nadia's blog post, which I love to visit. She is seriously one of the most talented people I've ever (not) met. :-D

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