Sunday, September 5, 2010

A's Birthday Banner

Here is my next Pooh Font project for my bff's daughter's 1st Birthday next weekend. I used the same paper (sent to me by my bff Kymberlee) along with black cardstock. I used the cheap walmart ribbon. There is so much action going on in the patterned paper, everything else is pretty simple. I started to add more (IMO more=better) but I know a lot of people prefer simple, so I kept it that way.

I hung it on my kitchen cabinet thing to show, but I've got grommets and ribbon on the ends so she'll be able to tie or hang it up when the time comes (or use packaging tape, like I did!) :-)

1 comment:

Kymberlee said...

Wohooooo I can see your posts from my phone! Love the banner and I am really wanting my computer back so I can see the details in a larger size.

Miss YOU!