Saturday, March 5, 2011

Walnut Dye

I've been working on a baby album for my friend Whitney since, like, August, and I'm slowly getting closer to finishing it. She has a baby boy (adorable, btw) but all of the packs of paper I've found always have girl pages thrown in. In the stack I'm using for the book, there are zoo animals with lots of bright and bold colors, and then there are two pages of PINK zebra print. Hello... please tell me who would use this!?! So since my dear friend Kymberlee sent me some Walnut Dye, I was anxious to try it out. You can see how I mixed and sprayed it in a little mister thingy to cover the print and give it an almost leathery look, which is perfect! I'm not taking any pictures of the pages until I'm completely finished, and then I'll post them all at once. Hopefully I'll be done by April!

1 comment:

Kymberlee said...

Ohhh that really does give a nice texture. I never thought about using it on the whole page like that!