Saturday, March 19, 2011

Valerie's Selfish List

Several people in my dear family (and friends) have asked me what I wanted for my birthday coming up soon. I cannot even remember the last time I made a wishlist (probably Christmas when I was 10) but since I haven't actually been buying much lately, I figured it couldn't hurt to mention a few things I DO want. Now this is of course a completely random list, some cheap/some expensive things, and of course anything that's not on the list I would love, as well ;-). In fact, I feel bad for even implying that people should buy me something for my birthday... you don't have to :-p But, since you all asked, here goes:

1. I really really really want a new laptop case thing from thirty-one. I was going to buy it at my bff's party, but it's sold out until April 10. That was the ONLY thing in the new catalog that I really wanted!

2. Any of the imagine cartridges that I don't have (which is most all of them). I want to play with it more, but I'm sort of afraid of my Imagine. If I had more inspiration, I think I could use it more. I haven't bought a single I cartridge since I bought my I. I also have bought any mats for it, either. That's #3 on my list.

3. Imagine mats. And regular Cricut mats, too. I loved when they were on the rewards... my ACM's and Micheals are always sold out. Always.

4. I want every single one of the new full-size cricut cartridges that are coming out. They're all amazing.

5. I have spent only $56 in craft supplies this entire year so far. A gift card to a craft store (even online, like ohmycrafts) would be so great, so I could buy random stuff that I love! Crafting is my passion (obviously) so this would be the most perfect gift for me... so I could be selfish lol. Besides, anytime most of you buy me something, I feel bad because I could've gotten it elsewhere for a much cheaper price. If you just give me a giftcard I can be a smart shopper!

6. An Easter dress... Or better yet, take me shopping and let me pick out an Easter dress :-D

7. High-heel shoes in a nude/neutral color. I cannot find these things ANYWHERE and just can't purchase them for myself online. For some reason I can buy stuff in a store and not feel guilty, but I do if I buy it online. Sister, you have good taste... Convince mothership to get these for me! lol

8. I wish I could sew, but I can't, so the next best thing is buying stuff other people have made. I would love a beautiful, lightweight, handmade quilt (queen or king size) for spring/summer weather. As long as it's elegant, I don't care about the color. I probably have a set of sheets that would coordinate with anything.

9. I think the best Christmas gift I received last year was from one of my student's parents: small-servings of tons of frozen casseroles and desserts to cook/eat, then throw away the container afterwards. If any of you is a decent cook, I will open my freezer space for this wonderful gift! I hate to cook, since most of it ends up in the trash anyway.

10. During a winter storm right after Christmas the umbrella on our deck fell over and smashed into our beautiful table, crushing it to a million (or more) pieces. We still have the umbrella, and 6 deck chairs, but no table to eat outdoors with when the weather gets nice this spring. If you remember what the chairs look like, a table that coordinated would be an awesome birthday gift.

And that's all I can think of. I don't really like things that aren't craft-related, but I'm sure whatever you all get me (if anything at all) will be splendid. <3 bunches!

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Kymberlee said...

Oh how I wish I could take you shopping. We would have SO much fun.