Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Todays stuff

Alright... project of the day: Adorable personalized dog tags riveted into the new harnesses!

Yep. Did it myself! We went to PetSmart this morning and got new (coordinating) harnesses for the pups, and DH wanted to get them new dog tags, since Alex chewed his off and Sophie lost hers a couple of weeks ago. We found these adorable ones that fit perfectly! Used the crop-a-die to punch holes in the harness, then a small eyelet setter hammer to beat the metal into place, lol... My tools from the bind-it-all came in handy, too, when DH made Alex's first and it didn't turn out well, so we decided to take it out and try again... Zutter has the BEST pliers. They both got baths tonight and are happy as clams in their new wear! Here is a picture of poor Sophie in the bathtub. Bless her heart!

I had a request to post my craft room, soooo I straightened it up a bit and took some pictures. It took me awhile to find my camera cord (I put it somewhere before we left for vacation) but finally found it. Anyway, here is it! This is the left side... "Have a place for everything and everything in it's place."

Here is the right side (yep... I made those shelves from some wood and trim at Lowes!) I still want 13 more JetMax cubes to make things look good, but my stores no longer carry the good ones, so I'll have to save up my money and go shopping big-time one day!

Oops... looks like I'm missing the other wall... it just has a window, my sewing table, some plastic box-like shelves, and a door. You can kinda see the door and the shelf things in the picture above.

Alright... maybe I'll actually get something crafty done tomorrow! We'll see!

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