Monday, August 9, 2010

New dog cage = new blank wall space

Today I finally broke down and bought a bigger dog cage. Alex loves to stretch out and we felt so bad for him being cramped up in a tiny area (that's recommended for Miniature Schnauzers but is just TOO small!) so we decided to buy him one the same size as Sophies'. Of course things never go to plan, however, because our Walmart no longer sells anything I need. EVER. They only had 'intermediate' (What Alex already has) and Extra Large. Sooo I decided to give Sophie the bigger cage (she will be the one who has puppies, after all) and give Sophie's old cage to Alex. As soon as I put them in there they freaked out (they know better than to get in a cage that doesn't belong to them!) but after a little bit they were okay. They both stretched out on the sides closest to each other, so I think this will work!

The only problem is that now I've got a big blank wall space above their cages. The coat-rack was there before (and Christmas tree in winter) so no one ever saw that area. Now I need to do something to it! Ack!


Kymberlee said...

Is that the view when you walk in your front door?

Hmmmm what to put there?! I am SURE you will come up with something FANTASTIC!!!

Valerie said...

The front door is right in front of Soph's cage... bad idea? Maybe, lol... They needed the space. And who am I to deny my children life's pleasures? haha