Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Few Cards

Being Spring Break, I stayed up late last night playing in my craft room. I bought some super cute Heidi Grace Design paper at Joann's the other day, so I thought I would try it out making a few cards.

I was so saddened to hear yesterday that one of my mom's dear neighbors (whom I have known my entire life) passed away. She called my mom a couple of weeks ago and invited us to her house to get a few plants and flowers (since the hailstorm destroyed mine) and we had a lovely visit. I will treasure that time- and those flowers- forever. Her husband is staying temporarily at a nursing home, so Channing and I visited him yesterday afternoon. I doubt he'll ever recover... he told us, "I'm 85 years old. She's been with me since I was 18. I can't live without her." My heart is breaking for him, and their amazing love. This card is for him, and I wanted to show the inside because it has a beautiful stamped verse, but I wrote a personal message before taking a picture, so it won't be shared.

These four cards are the first boxed set I created. They are all blank on the inside. 

And here is the other set. I love this paper. I plan to make a wordbook or album with the rest of the paper this afternoon. 

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Kymberlee said...

How sweet and sad about your neighbor at the same time. I hope you visit him often.

I love the paper pack you bought and the cards you created from it. I want to make a set soon too! First I am going to send you a WHOLE BOX of mised cards for all the times I sent you something and didn't include a card. heh

Hey maybe you could rally the crafty ladies to send your widower some anonymous cards. I would love to send him one if you wil give me his address, or I will mail to you if you would be willing to take it to him.

Hope to talk to you SOON