Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Catching Up

I have been so busy for the last month! I created a couple sets of cards but gave them away before I took pictures. That's about as crafty as I have gotten. I do have other updates in my life to share, though.

On March 19, I apparently became superwoman. I caught my engagement ring on one of the doors at school and somehow cut it in half. Oops! Luckily it didn't hurt my finger (I would have expected to be missing some skin) and I was able to get it fixed. It looks good as new now.

We had a ferocious hailstorm on March 24 (my little sister's 18th birthday!) only minutes after I came inside from mowing the yard (in shorts!!) My poor puppies were super-scared from the loud noises on the tin roof. I was super-scared for my precious vehicles in the driveway. As it turns out, the 3" of hail we got in 45 minutes is going to cost my insurance company almost $18,000 to fix our two cars. Ugh!!! We have spent many hours getting estimates and what-not to get both the GTO and the Challenger back to pristine condition... which will take several weeks of face-lifts. Our home insurance guy is coming to look at the roof and siding on Friday. I'm worried to think what a hassle that will be, too. All in all, I'm really glad Ally's surprise party wasn't until the next day, so we didn't have a dozen cars sitting in our yard when the storm hit. 

March 29 (Thursday) was my birthday, so of course I got an entire weekend of birthday awesomeness. Here is a Copic storage box that Kymberlee sent me for my birthday. I also got an iPad from Channing, in addition to the awesome storage unit he bought for my classroom. My dearest mother bought and helped me plant some new shrubs to go around my house, which looks amazing. The hail nearly killed everything that I had blooming.

The end of March marked my 3rd "Better Me" Challenge by going to the Y to run more often. I ended up running 56 miles during the month, which is something I'm proud of. I did have to lay off some toward the end, however, as my ankle started killing me (literally.... it made me want to cut it off and bleed out lol).

The entire first week of April was consumed with Easter and other important things (Monday- Mulched the yard, Tuesday- Pampered Chef party, Wednesday- church, Thursday- communion, Friday- prepared for the Easter Party at church, Saturday- Easter Egg Hunt at Church, Sunday- Sunrise Service, Sunday School, Church, Aunt Marilyn's for Easter Dinner, Whew, I'm tired!) 

On Monday I cleaned house, yesterday I went shopping with my birthday giftcards at ACMoores and JoAnn Fabrics, and today I finally went to the doctor for my ankle. I am so glad the x-rays shows nothing is broken and I don't have arthritis, but the doctor said that I have a very small degree of motion (whatever that means- mine is like 5 instead of average 15) so I'm basically over-extending it no matter what I do. I am supposed to do Physical Therapy for 6 weeks and he gave me an Anti-Inflammatory medicine, but I can't take it until tomorrow night, because I have to take it with food, which brings me to my last update.

We are doing the 30-Hour Famine at my church with our youth group today/tomorrow, so from noon today until 6 pm tomorrow night, I and my crew shall be dining without food. I have a lot of fun things planned for them, but I am not looking forward to spending the next 24 hours with my lovelies. I need to run, now, because I haven't picked up any juice yet (the only thing they can have) and I am supposed to be at church in an hour!

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Kymberlee said...

You are SUPER busy!! I am so sorry for all the negative things but glad it has all worked itself out. Best of luck on your fast and oh so proud of you for the exercise! YOU GO!