Monday, February 27, 2012

Cornish Hens

So... completely random... As you may or may not know, each month of 2012 I am doing something to make myself a better person (inside or out). In January I gave up my very favorite Coca-Cola Classic, and February I gave up processed foods. This has been an extremely difficult month for me, and I will be very thankful on Thursday when I sit down to have all of the wonderful meals I have missed. Anyway, as we're wrapping up the month (and finishing up the last of 50 gazillion bags of salad) I decided to try my hand at cooking Cornish Game Hens. Random, yes. I saw them at Wal-Mart (in a two-pack!) and just had to try it! I roasted them tonight for dinner, along with a salad (fresh cucumber and carrots!) and a side of applesauce. This will probably be one of the last dinners I wash down with orange juice for awhile! Anyway... I basically mutilated the poor bird, and thought it to be a little humorous.

Before Valerie eats: 

After Valerie eats: 
Yeah, the salad had gone bad, after all... And my lovely pups thoroughly enjoyed some of the leftover meat I was able to pull bones out of. So, this post is completely not-crafty, but truly the highlight of my day!

PS- My goal for March is to go to the Y (or run on the track at school) for at least an hour a day, 5x a week. Kill me now!!!

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