Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Congrats" Baby Book

One of my co-workers' wife is having a baby girl next month, and each person is to write a prayer/suggestion for Baby Ava. The nurses asked me to make a book for everyone to write their notes in. Here is what I came up with. 
 The biggest difference is that instead of places for pictures to go, the book is filled with white paper for everyone to write their notes on.

 I made one page big, for those who want to write super-small or super-long notes. There aren't quite enough boxes for each member of faculty to write a note, so hopefully this page will get used a lot!

 The last page is a vellum pocket I made to hold any baby cards.
 And the back cover-


Missy said...

Your book is absolutely adorable, I'm sure the mom will love it! The papers you used are just too cute, and so are the little ribbons on the binding!

Kymberlee said...

Your books always ROCK and this is no exception. I love all the little details you put in your books.