Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cards and Another Tutu

Here is a set of 4 birthday cards I made randomly last night. Almost every day this week I've started to clean my craft room, then find something amazing and sit down to play with it- and never finish organizing. This is what I played with yesterday. 

I put them in clear envelopes and stamped "Happy Birthday" on them, then stored them in one of these clear boxes that are so neat from Papertrey Ink.

And here is another tutu I made this morning (last day of Christmas vacation, you've got to be kidding me if you think I'd wake before noon) afternoon that took about an hour. I love these things, and they turn out SO cute. Here is a little more detail in how they're made. 
Step 1. Put a stretchy headband around a chair
Step 2. Cut about 40 strips of tulle 6x24 (or longer) 
Step 3. Make a U shape with the tulle and pull the two open ends through the closed end around the headband to make temporary knots

 Step 4. Pull petals off of flower stem (I like hydrangeas) and hot glue a small pearl to each center
Step 5. If desired, glue petals on strips of 24 inch ribbon to add to tutu, otherwise, glue petals onto tutu. I did both, using about 30 flowers total

 Step 6. Make a hairbow using leftover petals

 Step 7. Admire your beautiful tutu. This one will be really cute with a black leotard. 

 Here is is all laid out. It will stretch to fit just about any size. Of course the smaller the waist, the fuller the skirt. The leotards I found were size 2-4, which will be perfect for most any girl in this age range.

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