Friday, July 8, 2011

Cute Stuff

I was playing around with my Imagine tonight and came up with this cute bowl of strawberries from Simply Charmed. I think it's my all-time favorite cartridge. I have no idea what I'll do with it, but it's cute! One thing I love about my Imagine is that I was able to make every cut with only white paper. 

The Husband spent most of the evening in the craft room with me (not sure why, lol) but he encouraged me to update my laptop cover. First I made a rough draft with paper, then used my printable vinyl to create this cute little owl from Hoot n' Holler.

Since I had the paper-version left over, the Husband wanted to make something with it instead of just throwing it away. Once he found out what a 'notecard' was, he picked out the paper and I made this for him. He picked out the ribbon too, lol. I enjoyed our time hanging out, even though it was weird to have him in there telling me what to do! Hahaha. I guess it's not very often he gets to boss me around ;-)


Kymberlee said...

cuteness I on the right blog?

L.B. said...

Very fun right. I loe playing with my imagine and Simply Charmed...Love that cart!