Saturday, October 30, 2010

I have a serious problem...

You know life is too busy when the only updates on your blogs are of stuff you've bought/received and nothing you've created with such merchandise.

It's not that I haven't been creating, though, it's just that I have taken pictures of the stuff I created. I have been crafty, I promise!

I assisted a friend in creating her own "Family Rules" poster which turned out adorable. She was making it as a Christmas gift for someone in her family, and the rules were that it had to be handmade... So I made the dog poster (Sept 18 post) and then walked her through the steps of what worked and didn't work for me. We ended up using vinyl for her letters (though I swore I wouldn't ever again) and it turned out really really cute. It was a really fun day! She had her gorgeous kids over and we ordered pizza and our husbands talked about guy stuff... Quite lovely, indeed.

I've also been working on a Baby Book for my BFF Whit. I started it using Nursery Tails Imagine cartridge, but then it seemed to girly (and she has the cutest little boy ever) so I scratched that idea (threw ALL of it in the trash) and bought some Animal Stack paper from ACMs and have started over. I've gotten 4/20 pages finished, so it'll be awhile. It's cute, though.

I also made a card for my BFF Kymberlee, but of course I forgot to take pictures so I had to wait until she received her package and took pictures for me :-) I thought it was cute. This was actually the paper that inspired the new Baby Book.

I love that sentiment. It's so true, in my profession! :-D

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